Test Result : FileBasedWriteAheadLogSuite

0 failures (±0)
17 tests (±0)
Took 2.4 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - clean old logs0.1 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - clean old logs synchronously91 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - do not create directories or files unless write5 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - handling file errors while reading rotating logs0.2 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - parallel recovery not enabled if closeFileAfterWrite = false38 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - read all logs94 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - read all logs after write0.25 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - seqToParIterator0.1 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLog - write logs0.46 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogRandomReader - reading data using random reader23 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogRandomReader- reading data using random reader written with writer16 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogReader - handles errors when file doesn't exist8 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogReader - reading data written with writer after corrupted write0.99 secPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogReader - sequentially reading data8 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogReader - sequentially reading data written with writer7 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogWriter - syncing of data by writing and reading immediately16 msPassed
FileBasedWriteAheadLogWriter - writing data16 msPassed