Test Result : GBTClassifierSuite

0 failures (±0)
20 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 23 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Binary classification with continuous features: Log Loss7.9 secPassed
Checkpointing0.94 secPassed
Feature importance with toy data0.42 secPassed
Fitting without numClasses in metadata0.17 secPassed
GBT parameter stepSize should be in interval (0, 1]1 msPassed
GBTClassifier: Predictor, Classifier methods7.2 secPassed
GBTClassifier: default params3.8 secPassed
Tests of feature subset strategy0.88 secPassed
extractLabeledPoints with bad data0.24 secPassed
model evaluateEachIteration0.52 secPassed
model save/load4.1 secPassed
model support predict leaf index74 msPassed
params9 msPassed
prediction on single instance3.9 secPassed
runWithValidation stops early and performs better on a validation dataset2.4 secPassed
setThreshold, getThreshold1 msPassed
should support all NumericType labels and not support other types7.5 secPassed
thresholds prediction8.5 secPassed
training with sample weights31 secPassed
tree params2.2 secPassed