Test Result : OneVsRestSuite

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Took 43 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-18625 : OneVsRestModel should support setFeaturesCol and setPredictionCol2.8 secPassed
SPARK-21306: OneVsRest should support setWeightCol11 secPassed
SPARK-8049: OneVsRest shouldn't output temp columns1 secPassed
SPARK-8092: ensure label features and prediction cols are configurable3.2 secPassed
copy1.5 secPassed
one-vs-rest: default params5.1 secPassed
one-vs-rest: pass label metadata correctly during train0.89 secPassed
one-vs-rest: tuning parallelism does not change output5.1 secPassed
params7 msPassed
read/write: OneVsRest0.61 secPassed
read/write: OneVsRestModel5.1 secPassed
should ignore empty output cols1.1 secPassed
should support all NumericType labels and not support other types4.7 secPassed