Test Result : MapStatusSuite

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10 tests (±0)
Took 4.3 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Blocks which are bigger than SHUFFLE_ACCURATE_BLOCK_THRESHOLD should not be underestimated5 msPassed
HighlyCompressedMapStatus1 msPassed
HighlyCompressedMapStatus: estimated size should be the average non-empty block size8 msPassed
MapStatus should never report non-empty blocks' sizes as 00.36 secPassed
RoaringBitmap: runOptimize failed3 msPassed
RoaringBitmap: runOptimize succeeded11 msPassed
SPARK-21133 HighlyCompressedMapStatus#writeExternal throws NPE3.9 secPassed
SPARK-22540: ensure HighlyCompressedMapStatus calculates correct avgSize14 msPassed
compressSize0 msPassed
decompressSize1 msPassed