Test Result : InMemoryColumnarQuerySuite

0 failures (±0)
32 tests (±0)
Took 22 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
InMemoryTableScanExec should return correct output ordering and partitioning64 msPassed
SPARK-10422: String column in InMemoryColumnarCache needs to override clone method0.24 secPassed
SPARK-10859: Predicates pushed to InMemoryColumnarTableScan are not evaluated correctly0.14 secPassed
SPARK-14138: Generated SpecificColumnarIterator can exceed JVM size limit for cached DF1.6 secPassed
SPARK-1436 regression: in-memory columns must be able to be accessed multiple times0.15 secPassed
SPARK-1678 regression: compression must not lose repeated values0.19 secPassed
SPARK-17549: cached table size should be correctly calculated0.12 secPassed
SPARK-20356: pruned InMemoryTableScanExec should have correct ordering and partitioning11 secPassed
SPARK-22249: IN should work also with cached DataFrame0.35 secPassed
SPARK-22249: buildFilter should not throw exception when In contains an empty list0 msPassed
SPARK-22348: table cache should do partition batch pruning (whole-stage-codegen off)70 msPassed
SPARK-22348: table cache should do partition batch pruning (whole-stage-codegen on)52 msPassed
SPARK-22673: InMemoryRelation should utilize existing stats of the plan to be cached0.69 secPassed
SPARK-25727 - otherCopyArgs in InMemoryRelation does not include outputOrdering63 msPassed
SPARK-2729 regression: timestamp data type0.22 secPassed
SPARK-3320 regression: batched column buffer building should work with empty partitions0.22 secPassed
SPARK-4182 Caching complex types0.13 secPassed
access decimal/string-type columns in CachedBatch without whole stage codegen0.13 secPassed
access non-primitive-type columns in CachedBatch without whole stage codegen0.2 secPassed
access only some column of the all of columns0.22 secPassed
access primitive-type columns in CachedBatch without whole stage codegen0.17 secPassed
cached row count should be calculated94 msPassed
decimal type0.12 secPassed
default size avoids broadcast33 msPassed
non-primitive type with nullability:false0.24 secPassed
non-primitive type with nullability:true0.44 secPassed
primitive type with nullability:false0.87 secPassed
primitive type with nullability:true0.22 secPassed
projection0.11 secPassed
simple columnar query0.13 secPassed
test different data types3.2 secPassed
with null values0.16 secPassed