Test Result : StateStoreSuite

0 failures (±0)
21 tests (±0)
Took 4.2 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-18342: commit fails when rename fails22 msPassed
SPARK-18416: do not create temp delta file until the store is updated92 msPassed
SPARK-19677: Committing a delta file atop an existing one should not fail on HDFS35 msPassed
SPARK-21145: Restarted queries create new provider instances0.88 secPassed
abort45 msPassed
cleaning0.57 secPassed
corrupted file handling0.2 secPassed
delta cancels the output stream80 msPassed
expose metrics with custom metrics to StateStoreMetrics49 msPassed
failure after committing with MAX_BATCHES_TO_RETAIN_IN_MEMORY set to 194 msPassed
get60 msPassed
get, put, remove, commit, and all data iterator0.12 secPassed
getStore with invalid versions65 msPassed
maintenance0.87 secPassed
no cache data with MAX_BATCHES_TO_RETAIN_IN_MEMORY set to 091 msPassed
removing while iterating40 msPassed
reports memory usage33 msPassed
reports memory usage on current version41 msPassed
retaining only two latest versions when MAX_BATCHES_TO_RETAIN_IN_MEMORY set to 20.11 secPassed
snapshotting0.59 secPassed
two concurrent StateStores - one for read-only and one for read-write0.1 secPassed