Test Result : DataFramePivotSuite

0 failures (±0)
30 tests (±0)
Took 18 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
PivotFirst supported datatypes2 msPassed
SPARK-24722: aggregate as the pivot column14 msPassed
SPARK-24722: pivoting by a constant1.2 secPassed
SPARK-24722: pivoting nested columns0.94 secPassed
SPARK-24722: references to multiple columns in the pivot column0.99 secPassed
SPARK-26403: pivoting by array column0.78 secPassed
optimized pivot DecimalType0.64 secPassed
optimized pivot courses with literals0.48 secPassed
optimized pivot planned41 msPassed
optimized pivot with multiple aggregations0.63 secPassed
optimized pivot year with literals0.55 secPassed
optimized pivot year with string values (cast)0.6 secPassed
pivot courses1.1 secPassed
pivot courses with multiple aggregations1 secPassed
pivot courses with no values1.4 secPassed
pivot max values enforced0.17 secPassed
pivot preserves aliases if given10 msPassed
pivot with UnresolvedFunction0.49 secPassed
pivot with column definition in groupby0.51 secPassed
pivot with datatype not supported by PivotFirst0.41 secPassed
pivot with datatype not supported by PivotFirst 20.31 secPassed
pivot with null and aggregate type not supported by PivotFirst returns correct result0.5 secPassed
pivot with null should not throw NPE0.62 secPassed
pivot with timestamp and count should not print internal representation0.53 secPassed
pivot year1 secPassed
pivot year with int values0.45 secPassed
pivot year with no values1.3 secPassed
pivot year with string values (cast)0.51 secPassed
pivoting column list0.32 secPassed
pivoting column list with values0.64 secPassed