Test Result : DataFrameStatSuite

0 failures (±0) , 1 skipped (±0)
22 tests (±0)
Took 13 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
, '', null, ``)1.1 secPassed
Bloom filter0.15 secPassed
Frequent Items0.24 secPassed
Frequent Items 288 msPassed
SPARK-28818: Respect original column nullability in `freqItems`88 msPassed
SPARK-30532 stat functions to understand fully-qualified column name0.4 secPassed
approx quantile 4: test for Int overflow-1 msSkipped
approximate quantile1.2 secPassed
approximate quantile 2: test relativeError greater than 1 return the same result as 10.93 secPassed
approximate quantile 3: test on NaN and null values0.23 secPassed
countMinSketch0.14 secPassed
covariance0.1 secPassed
crosstab0.32 secPassed
min` in `freqItems`6 msPassed
pearson correlation0.19 secPassed
randomSplit3.9 secPassed
randomSplit on reordered partitions1.9 secPassed
sample with replacement92 msPassed
sample without replacement80 msPassed
sampleBy0.53 secPassed
sampleBy multiple columns0.53 secPassed
sampleBy one column0.56 secPassed