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167 tests (±0)
Took 51 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Alias uses internally generated names 'aggOrder' and 'havingCondition'0.86 secPassed
CalendarInterval reflection support89 msPassed
MaxValue)60 msPassed
NaN is greater than all other non-NaN numeric values0.13 secPassed
SPARK-10093: Avoid transformations on executors0.14 secPassed
SPARK-10185: Read multiple Hadoop Filesystem paths and paths with a comma in it0.45 secPassed
SPARK-10316: respect non-deterministic expressions in PhysicalOperation0.28 secPassed
SPARK-10656: completely support special chars0.13 secPassed
SPARK-10743: keep the name of expression if possible when do cast10 msPassed
SPARK-11301: fix case sensitivity for filter on partitioned columns0.33 secPassed
SPARK-11633: LogicalRDD throws TreeNode Exception: Failed to Copy Node0.31 secPassed
SPARK-11725: correctly handle null inputs for ScalaUDF0.28 secPassed
SPARK-12398 truncated toString0.23 secPassed
SPARK-12841: cast in filter84 msPassed
SPARK-12982: Add table name validation in temp table registration46 msPassed
SPARK-13774: Check error message for non existent path without globbed paths6 msPassed
SPARK-13774: Check error message for not existent globbed paths8 msPassed
SPARK-15230: distinct() does not handle column name with dot properly0.31 secPassed
SPARK-16181: outer join with isNull filter0.39 secPassed
SPARK-16664: persist with more than 200 columns0.56 secPassed
SPARK-17409: Do Not Optimize Query in CTAS (Data source tables) More Than Once0.3 secPassed
SPARK-17897: Fixed IsNotNull Constraint Inference Rule0.15 secPassed
SPARK-17913: compare long and string type column may return confusing result89 msPassed
SPARK-17957: no change on nullability in FilterExec output96 msPassed
SPARK-17957: set nullability to false in FilterExec output0.11 secPassed
SPARK-18070 binary operator should not consider nullability when comparing input types80 msPassed
SPARK-18350 show with session local timezone0.78 secPassed
SPARK-18350 show with session local timezone, vertical = true73 msPassed
SPARK-19372: Filter can be executed w/o generated code due to JVM code size limit-1 msSkipped
SPARK-19691 Calculating percentile of decimal column fails with ClassCastException0.17 secPassed
SPARK-20359: catalyst outer join optimization should not throw npe0.14 secPassed
SPARK-20897: cached self-join should not fail0.17 secPassed
SPARK-22271: mean overflows and returns null for some decimal variables0.14 secPassed
SPARK-22520: support code generation for large CaseWhen0.21 secPassed
SPARK-23023 Cast rows to strings in showString0.19 secPassed
SPARK-24165: CaseWhen/If - nullability of nested types1.1 secPassed
SPARK-24313: access map with binary keys94 msPassed
SPARK-24781: Using a reference from Dataset in Filter/Sort0.51 secPassed
SPARK-24781: Using a reference not in aggregation in Filter/Sort1 secPassed
SPARK-25159: json schema inference should only trigger one job0.22 secPassed
SPARK-25402 Null handling in BooleanSimplification81 msPassed
SPARK-25714 Null handling in BooleanSimplification0.1 secPassed
SPARK-25816 ResolveReferences works with nested extractors0.15 secPassed
SPARK-26057: attribute deduplication on already analyzed plans0.37 secPassed
SPARK-27439: Explain result should match collected result after view change0.12 secPassed
SPARK-27671: Fix analysis exception when casting null in nested field in struct0.17 secPassed
SPARK-28067: Aggregate sum should not return wrong results for decimal overflow4.2 secPassed
SPARK-28067: sum of null decimal values0.8 secPassed
SPARK-28189 drop column using drop with column reference with case-insensitive names0.2 secPassed
SPARK-28224: Aggregate sum big decimal overflow0.19 secPassed
SPARK-29442 Set `default` mode should override the existing mode14 msPassed
SPARK-30811: CTE should not cause stack overflow when it refers to non-existent table with same name4 msPassed
SPARK-31552: array encoder with different types1.4 secPassed
SPARK-31750: eliminate UpCast if child's dataType is DecimalType0.16 secPassed
SPARK-6899: type should match when using codegen0.14 secPassed
SPARK-6941: Better error message for inserting into RDD-based Table0.6 secPassed
SPARK-7133: Implement struct, array, and map field accessor0.39 secPassed
SPARK-7319 showString38 msPassed
SPARK-7319 showString, vertical = true37 msPassed
SPARK-7324 dropDuplicates2.2 secPassed
SPARK-7327 show with empty dataFrame58 msPassed
SPARK-7327 show with empty dataFrame, vertical = true49 msPassed
SPARK-7551: support backticks for DataFrame attribute resolution0.24 secPassed
SPARK-8072: Better Exception for Duplicate Columns61 msPassed
SPARK-8608: call `show` on local DataFrame with random columns should return same value0.22 secPassed
SPARK-8609: local DataFrame with random columns should return same value after sort0.99 secPassed
SPARK-8621: support empty string column name32 msPassed
SPARK-8797: sort by double column containing NaN should not crash0.21 secPassed
SPARK-8797: sort by float column containing NaN should not crash0.21 secPassed
SPARK-9083: sort with non-deterministic expressions0.2 secPassed
SPARK-9950: correctly analyze grouping/aggregating on struct fields0.31 secPassed
Sorting columns are not in Filter and Project0.31 secPassed
Star Expansion - CreateStruct and CreateArray0.56 secPassed
Star Expansion - explode alias and star0.11 secPassed
Star Expansion - explode should fail with a meaningful message if it takes a star13 msPassed
Star Expansion - hash1.1 secPassed
Star Expansion - xxhash641.2 secPassed
Uuid expressions should produce same results at retries in the same DataFrame0.11 secPassed
` in column name for withColumn()0.25 secPassed
access complex data0.28 secPassed
analysis error should be eagerly reported26 msPassed
apply on query results (SPARK-5462)0.11 secPassed
as0.8 secPassed
as: custom grouping expressions0.87 secPassed
as: throw AnalysisException for unresolved grouping expr16 msPassed
assertAnalyzed shouldn't replace original stack trace6 msPassed
callUDF without Hive Support0.14 secPassed
coalesce0.15 secPassed
convert $"attribute name" into unresolved attribute79 msPassed
convert Scala Symbol 'attrname into unresolved attribute75 msPassed
copy results for sampling with replacement89 msPassed
createDataFrame(RDD[Row], StructType) should convert UDTs (SPARK-6672)54 msPassed
dataframe alias13 msPassed
dataframe toString0 msPassed
describe0.5 secPassed
distributeBy and localSort0.92 secPassed
drop column after join with duplicate columns using column reference0.55 secPassed
drop column using drop92 msPassed
drop column using drop with column reference78 msPassed
drop columns using drop92 msPassed
drop top level columns that contains dot0.15 secPassed
drop unknown column (no-op)71 msPassed
drop unknown column (no-op) with column reference86 msPassed
drop unknown column with same name with column reference84 msPassed
drop(name: String) search and drop all top level columns that matchs the name0.27 secPassed
empty data frame32 msPassed
emptyDataFrame should be foldable10 msPassed
explode0.61 secPassed
explode on output of array-valued function93 msPassed
explode should fail with a meaningful message if it takes a star0.15 secPassed
fill0.48 secPassed
filterExpr0.49 secPassed
filterExpr using where89 msPassed
fix case sensitivity of partition by0.34 secPassed
getRows: array77 msPassed
getRows: binary38 msPassed
getRows: numRows = 064 msPassed
getRows: truncate = [0, 20]0.1 secPassed
getRows: truncate = [3, 17]96 msPassed
global sorting2.6 secPassed
head, take and tail0.17 secPassed
inputFiles0.65 secPassed
limit0.59 secPassed
order-by ordinal0.38 secPassed
orderBy should support nested column name0.24 secPassed
rename nested groupby0.24 secPassed
repartition0.22 secPassed
repartition with SortOrder16 msPassed
repartitionByRange0.96 secPassed
replace column using withColumn99 msPassed
replace column using withColumns0.1 secPassed
reuse exchange1.6 secPassed
sameResult() on aggregate58 msPassed
sample should not duplicated the input data0.13 secPassed
select *0.1 secPassed
select with functions0.56 secPassed
selectExpr0.1 secPassed
selectExpr with alias0.11 secPassed
selectExpr with udtf0.13 secPassed
show-1 msSkipped
showString(0)35 msPassed
showString(0), vertical = true41 msPassed
showString(negative)68 msPassed
showString(negative), vertical = true45 msPassed
showString: array51 msPassed
showString: array, vertical = true70 msPassed
showString: binary23 msPassed
showString: binary, vertical = true27 msPassed
showString: minimum column width43 msPassed
showString: minimum column width, vertical = true40 msPassed
showString: truncate = [0, 20]95 msPassed
showString: truncate = [0, 20], vertical = true99 msPassed
showString: truncate = [3, 17]89 msPassed
showString: truncate = [3, 17], vertical = true87 msPassed
simple explode0.22 secPassed
simple select72 msPassed
sort after generate with join=true0.18 secPassed
sorting with null ordering2.8 secPassed
summary0.59 secPassed
summary advanced0.32 secPassed
table scan0.1 secPassed
udf0.13 secPassed
withColumn0.1 secPassed
withColumnRenamed0.1 secPassed
withColumns0.1 secPassed
withColumns: case sensitive94 msPassed
withColumns: given metadata9 msPassed