Test Result : GeneratorFunctionSuite

0 failures (±0)
25 tests (±0)
Took 5.3 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-14986: Outer lateral view with empty generate expression86 msPassed
SPARK-30997: generators in aggregate expressions for dataframe0.12 secPassed
SPARK-30998: Unsupported nested inner generators6 msPassed
aliased explode0.21 secPassed
aliased explode_outer0.2 secPassed
explode and other columns0.19 secPassed
explode on map0.11 secPassed
explode on map with aliases81 msPassed
explode_outer and other columns0.18 secPassed
explode_outer on map96 msPassed
explode_outer on map with aliases0.1 secPassed
generator in aggregate expression0.64 secPassed
inline on column0.55 secPassed
inline on literal93 msPassed
inline raises exception on array of null type5 msPassed
inline with empty table63 msPassed
inline_outer0.22 secPassed
outer explode()76 msPassed
outer generator()67 msPassed
self join explode0.25 secPassed
single explode0.1 secPassed
single explode_outer82 msPassed
single posexplode0.1 secPassed
single posexplode_outer84 msPassed
stack1.5 secPassed