Test Result : NettyRpcEnvSuite

0 failures (±0)
38 tests (-3)
Took 14 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
RequestMessage serialization13 msPassed
StackOverflowError should be sent back and Dispatcher should survive0.24 secPassed
advertise address different from bind address0.18 secPassed
ask a message locally2 msPassed
ask a message remotely0.11 secPassed
ask a message timeout0.58 secPassed
ask a message timeout on Future using RpcTimeout25 msPassed
ask with AES encryption0.27 secPassed
ask with SASL encryption1 secPassed
ask with authentication1 secPassed
call receive in sequence0.95 secPassed
construct RpcTimeout with conf property2 msPassed
file server0.15 secPassed
network events in client RpcEnv when another RpcEnv is in server mode0.15 secPassed
network events in sever RpcEnv when another RpcEnv is in client mode0.65 secPassed
network events in sever RpcEnv when another RpcEnv is in server mode2.5 secPassed
non-existent endpoint2 msPassed
onError: error in onStart16 msPassed
onError: error in onStop8 msPassed
onError: error in receive57 msPassed
onStart and onStop3 msPassed
port conflict1.2 secPassed
self: call in onStart2 msPassed
self: call in onStop4 msPassed
self: call in receive5 msPassed
send a RpcEndpointRef15 msPassed
send a message locally18 msPassed
send a message remotely0.14 secPassed
send with AES encryption2.3 secPassed
send with SASL encryption1.1 secPassed
send with authentication0.31 secPassed
sendWithReply4 msPassed
sendWithReply: error9 msPassed
sendWithReply: remotely0.62 secPassed
sendWithReply: remotely error0.67 secPassed
sendWithReply: unserializable error0.1 secPassed
shutdown should not fire onDisconnected events0.19 secPassed
stop(RpcEndpointRef) reentrant4 msPassed