Test Result : ExecutorAllocationManagerSuite

0 failures (±0)
31 tests (+1)
Took 17 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Removing with various numExecutorsTarget condition0.43 secPassed
SPARK-23365 Don't update target num executors when killing idle executors15 msPassed
SPARK-26758 check executor target number after idle time out0.35 secPassed
SPARK-26927 call onExecutorRemoved before onTaskStart0.45 secPassed
SPARK-4951: call onTaskStart before onExecutorAdded0.78 secPassed
SPARK-4951: onExecutorAdded should not add a busy executor to removeTimes0.38 secPassed
SPARK-8366: maxNumExecutorsNeeded should properly handle failed tasks0.49 secPassed
add executors0.17 secPassed
add executors capped by num pending tasks1.2 secPassed
add executors when speculative tasks added1.8 secPassed
avoid ramp down initial executors until first job is submitted0.16 secPassed
avoid ramp down initial executors until idle executor is timeout0.85 secPassed
avoid ramp up when target < running executors0.16 secPassed
cancel pending executors when no longer needed1 secPassed
executionAllocationRatio is correctly handled2.4 secPassed
get pending task number and related locality preference0.55 secPassed
ignore task end events from completed stages0.19 secPassed
interleaving add and remove0.28 secPassed
listeners trigger add and remove executor callbacks correctly0.36 secPassed
listeners trigger add executors correctly0.55 secPassed
listeners trigger remove executors correctly0.48 secPassed
mock polling loop add behavior0.1 secPassed
mock polling loop remove behavior0.21 secPassed
mock polling loop with no events0.33 secPassed
remove executors0.21 secPassed
remove multiple executors0.13 secPassed
reset the state of allocation manager0.12 secPassed
starting state0.27 secPassed
starting/canceling add timer0.12 secPassed
starting/canceling remove timers0.26 secPassed
verify min/max executors2.8 secPassed