Test Result : EventTimeWatermarkSuite

0 failures (±0)
28 tests (+1)
Took 1 min 53 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
1 checkpoints ensures min policy1 secPassed
1 commit log without commit metadata (SPARK-24699)2.8 secPassed
EventTime watermark should be ignored in batch query0.28 secPassed
EventTimeStats35 msPassed
EventTimeStats: avg on large values1 msPassed
EventTimeStats: non-zero merge zero0 msPassed
EventTimeStats: zero merge non-zero1 msPassed
EventTimeStats: zero merge zero2 msPassed
MultipleWatermarkPolicy: fail on incorrect conf values3 msPassed
MultipleWatermarkPolicy: max2.4 secPassed
MultipleWatermarkPolicy: min6.1 secPassed
MultipleWatermarkPolicy: recovery from checkpoints ignores session conf2.3 secPassed
Once (SPARK-24699)6 secPassed
SPARK-21565: watermark operator accepts attributes from replacement3.1 secPassed
SPARK-27340 Alias on TimeWindow expression cause watermark metadata lost6.7 secPassed
append mode4 secPassed
complete mode5.3 secPassed
delay in months and years handled correctly2.1 secPassed
delay threshold should not be negative10 msPassed
error on bad column22 msPassed
error on wrong type12 msPassed
event time and watermark metrics13 secPassed
group by on raw timestamp5.4 secPassed
recovery11 secPassed
test no-data flag10 secPassed
the new watermark should override the old one43 msPassed
update mode7.7 secPassed
watermark with 2 streams22 secPassed