Test Result : JsonProtocolSuite

0 failures (±0)
27 tests (+5)
Took 0.48 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
AccumulableInfo backward compatibility4 msPassed
AccumulableInfo value de/serialization6 msPassed
BlockManager events backward compatibility6 msPassed
Dependent Classes0.1 secPassed
ExceptionFailure backward compatibility: accumulator updates45 msPassed
ExceptionFailure backward compatibility: full stack trace14 msPassed
ExecutorLostFailure backward compatibility3 msPassed
ExecutorMetricsUpdate backward compatibility: executor metrics update3 msPassed
FetchFailed backwards compatibility2 msPassed
Input/Output records backwards compatibility4 msPassed
InputMetrics backward compatibility3 msPassed
OutputMetrics backward compatibility3 msPassed
RDDInfo backward compatibility (scope, parent IDs, callsite)3 msPassed
SPARK-30936: backwards compatibility - set default values for missing fields1 msPassed
SPARK-30936: forwards compatibility - ignore unknown fields20 msPassed
SPARK-31923: unexpected value type of internal accumulator11 msPassed
SPARK-32124: FetchFailed Map Index backwards compatibility2 msPassed
Shuffle Read/Write records backwards compatibility4 msPassed
ShuffleReadMetrics: Local bytes read backwards compatibility4 msPassed
SparkListenerApplicationStart backwards compatibility5 msPassed
SparkListenerEvent0.2 secPassed
SparkListenerJobStart and SparkListenerJobEnd backward compatibility18 msPassed
SparkListenerJobStart backward compatibility7 msPassed
StageInfo backward compatibility (details, accumulables)3 msPassed
StageInfo backward compatibility (parent IDs)2 msPassed
TaskCommitDenied backward compatibility7 msPassed
executorMetricsFromJson backward compatibility: handle missing metrics1 msPassed