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Test nameDurationStatus
Staleness of Spark UI should not last minutes or hours0.38 secPassed
attaching and detaching a new tab0.56 secPassed
description for empty jobs0.27 secPassed
effects of unpersist() / persist() should be reflected1.1 secPassed
failed stages should not appear to be active1.4 secPassed
job details page should display useful information for stages that haven't started0.56 secPassed
job progress bars / cells reflect skipped stages / tasks0.58 secPassed
job progress bars should handle stage / task failures0.89 secPassed
job stages should have expected dotfile under DAG visualization0.18 secPassed
jobs page should not display job group name unless some job was submitted in a job group0.55 secPassed
jobs with stages that are skipped should show correct link descriptions on all jobs page0.41 secPassed
kill job POST/GET response is correct0.22 secPassed
kill stage POST/GET response is correct0.21 secPassed
killEnabled should properly control kill button display1.1 secPassed
live UI json application list0.31 secPassed
stage & job retention1.2 secPassed
stages page should show skipped stages0.99 secPassed
stages that aren't run appear as 'skipped stages' after a job finishes0.95 secPassed