Test Result : VectorsSuite

0 failures (±0)
40 tests (±0)
Took 66 ms.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Vector numActive and numNonzeros0 msPassed
Vector toSparse and toDense1 msPassed
VectorUDT1 msPassed
activeIterator2 msPassed
compressed0 msPassed
conversions between new local linalg and mllib linalg1 msPassed
copy0 msPassed
dense argmax0 msPassed
dense to array1 msPassed
dense vector construction from a double array0 msPassed
dense vector construction with varargs0 msPassed
dense vector dot product1 msPassed
dot product only supports vectors of same size0 msPassed
foreach6 msPassed
foreachActive1 msPassed
foreachNonZero1 msPassed
fromBreeze0 msPassed
implicit conversions between new local linalg and mllib linalg0 msPassed
indexing dense vectors0 msPassed
indexing sparse vectors0 msPassed
iterator1 msPassed
kryo class register5 msPassed
mixed sparse and dense vector dot product0 msPassed
nonZeroIterator1 msPassed
parse vectors2 msPassed
slice1 msPassed
sparse argmax0 msPassed
sparse to array1 msPassed
sparse vector construction0 msPassed
sparse vector construction with mismatched indices/values array1 msPassed
sparse vector construction with too many indices vs size0 msPassed
sparse vector construction with unordered elements0 msPassed
sparse vector dot product0 msPassed
sparse vector only support non-negative length0 msPassed
sqdist29 msPassed
toJson/fromJson4 msPassed
vector equals2 msPassed
vector p-norm3 msPassed
vectors equals with explicit 01 msPassed
zeros1 msPassed