Test Result : BiallelicGenotyperSuite

16 failures (+15) , 1 skipped (±0)
28 tests (-3)
Took 3 min 51 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
build genotype for het snp2 msPassed
call het AG->A deletion at 1/90717027 msRegression
call het ATG->A deletion at 1/90513026 msRegression
call het T->G snp at 1/24089825 msRegression
call het alt TTATA,TTA->T insertion at 1/527454722 msRegression
call hom alt ACAG->A deletion at 1/88604926 msRegression
call hom alt AGCCAGTGGACGCCGACCT->A deletion at 1/87515919 msRegression
call hom alt C->CCCCT insertion at 1/86651126 msRegression
call hom alt C->G snp at 1/87771521 msRegression
call hom alt CAG->C deletion at 1/106759626 msRegression
call hom alt GA->CC mnp at 1/889158–924 msRegression
call hom alt T->TAAA insertion at 1/412018524 msRegression
call hom alt TACACACACACACACACACACACACACACAC->T deletion at 1/177726345 msRegression
discover and call het and hom snps51 secRegression
discover and call short indel1 min 26 secPassed
discover and call simple SNP1 min 26 secPassed
discover and force call hom alt deletion32 msRegression
fisher test for strand bias0 msPassed
force call possible STR/indel0 msSkipped
log space factorial1 msPassed
make het alt calls at biallelic snp locus22 msRegression
properly handle diploid genotype state with het call0 msPassed
properly handle haploid genotype state3 msPassed
properly handle triploid genotype state with hom alt call0 msPassed
score a single read covering a deletion0.44 secRegression
score snp in a read with evidence of the snp86 msPassed
score snp in a read with no evidence of the snp5.8 secPassed
scoring read that overlaps no variants should return empty observations0 msPassed