Test Result : DiscoverVariantsSuite

0 failures
12 tests
Took 9 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
break TT->CA mnp into two snps2 msPassed
find deletion in read1 msPassed
find deletion in reads1.3 secPassed
find insertion in read1 msPassed
find insertion in reads1.6 secPassed
find one snp in reads with 1bp sequence mismatch1.4 secPassed
find snp in read with a 1bp sequence mismatch1 msPassed
find variants in alignment record rdd1.4 secPassed
no variants in rdd with sequence match reads1.4 secPassed
no variants in rdd with unaligned read1.6 secPassed
no variants in read that is a perfect sequence match1 msPassed
no variants in unaligned read1 msPassed