1. Fix issue in '' (commit: b8dbfcc572bf5f386d21ae0be7b3439d1abed860) (details)
Commit b8dbfcc572bf5f386d21ae0be7b3439d1abed860 by mcheah
Fix issue in ''
Because of the missing assignment of the variable `BUILD_ARGS` the
command `./bin/ -r -t v2.3.1 build`
``` docker build" requires exactly 1 argument. See 'docker build
Usage:  docker build [OPTIONS] PATH | URL | - [flags]
Build an image from a Dockerfile
This has been fixed on the `master` already but, apparently, it has not
been ported back to the branch `2.3`, leading to the same error even on
the latest `2.3.1` release (dated 8 June 2018).
Author: Fabrizio Cucci <>
Closes #21551 from fabriziocucci/patch-1.
(commit: b8dbfcc572bf5f386d21ae0be7b3439d1abed860)
The file was modifiedbin/ (diff)