1. [SPARK-25114][CORE] Fix RecordBinaryComparator when subtraction between (commit: 8bde4678166f5f01837919d4f8d742b89f5e76b8) (details)
  2. [SPARK-25114][2.3][CORE][FOLLOWUP] Fix RecordBinaryComparatorSuite build (commit: 9cb9d7201acbef6dfc1c9fe0cfd39fd9d89cac76) (details)
Commit 8bde4678166f5f01837919d4f8d742b89f5e76b8 by gatorsmile
[SPARK-25114][CORE] Fix RecordBinaryComparator when subtraction between
two words is divisible by Integer.MAX_VALUE. It is
possible for two objects to be unequal and yet we consider them as equal
with this code, if the long values are separated by Int.MaxValue. This
PR fixes the issue.
Add new test cases in `RecordBinaryComparatorSuite`.
Closes #22101 from jiangxb1987/fix-rbc.
Authored-by: Xingbo Jiang <> Signed-off-by:
Xiao Li <>
(cherry picked from commit 4fb96e5105cec4a3eb19a2b7997600b086bac32f)
Signed-off-by: Xiao Li <>
(commit: 8bde4678166f5f01837919d4f8d742b89f5e76b8)
The file was modifiedsql/catalyst/src/main/java/org/apache/spark/sql/execution/ (diff)
The file was addedsql/core/src/test/java/test/org/apache/spark/sql/execution/sort/
Commit 9cb9d7201acbef6dfc1c9fe0cfd39fd9d89cac76 by gatorsmile
[SPARK-25114][2.3][CORE][FOLLOWUP] Fix RecordBinaryComparatorSuite build
## What changes were proposed in this pull request?
Fix RecordBinaryComparatorSuite build failure
## How was this patch tested?
Existing tests.
Closes #22166 from jiangxb1987/SPARK-25114-2.3.
Authored-by: Xingbo Jiang <> Signed-off-by:
Xiao Li <>
(commit: 9cb9d7201acbef6dfc1c9fe0cfd39fd9d89cac76)
The file was modifiedcore/src/test/java/org/apache/spark/memory/ (diff)