1. [SPARK-26109][WEBUI] Duration in the task summary metrics table and the (commit: 8b6504e331c4e00f7310b4152ba493f443a10a84) (details)
Commit 8b6504e331c4e00f7310b4152ba493f443a10a84 by sean.owen
[SPARK-26109][WEBUI] Duration in the task summary metrics table and the
task table are different
## What changes were proposed in this pull request? Task summary table
displays the summary of the task table in the stage page. However, the
'Duration' metrics of 'task summary' table and 'task table' are not
matching. The reason is because, in the 'task summary' we display
'executorRunTime' as the duration, and in the 'task table' the actual
duration of the task. Except duration metrics, all other metrics are
properly displaying in the task summary.
In Spark2.2, used to show 'executorRunTime' as duration in the
'taskTable'. That is why, in summary metrics also the 'exeuctorRunTime'
shows as the duration. So, we need to show 'executorRunTime' as the
duration in the tasks table to follow the same behaviour as the previous
versions of spark.
## How was this patch tested? Before patch:
![screenshot from 2018-11-19
After patch:
![screenshot from 2018-11-19
Closes #23081 from shahidki31/duratinSummary.
Authored-by: Shahid <> Signed-off-by: Sean Owen
(cherry picked from commit 540afc2b18ef61cceb50b9a5b327e6fcdbe1e7e4)
Signed-off-by: Sean Owen <>
(commit: 8b6504e331c4e00f7310b4152ba493f443a10a84)
The file was modifiedcore/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/ui/jobs/StagePage.scala (diff)