1. [SPARK-23728][BRANCH-2.3] Fix ML tests with expected exceptions running (commit: 920493949eba77befd67e32f9e6ede5d594bcd56) (details)
Commit 920493949eba77befd67e32f9e6ede5d594bcd56 by joseph
[SPARK-23728][BRANCH-2.3] Fix ML tests with expected exceptions running
streaming tests
## What changes were proposed in this pull request?
The testTransformerByInterceptingException failed to catch the expected
message on 2.3 during streaming tests as the feature generated message
is not at the direct caused by exception but even one level deeper.
## How was this patch tested?
Running the unit tests.
Author: “attilapiros” <>
Closes #20852 from attilapiros/SPARK-23728.
(commit: 920493949eba77befd67e32f9e6ede5d594bcd56)
The file was modifiedmllib/src/test/scala/org/apache/spark/ml/util/MLTest.scala (diff)