Test Result : ShowCreateTableSuite

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-24911: keep quotes for nested fields0.26 secPassed
bucketed data source table0.42 secPassed
data source table CTAS0.41 secPassed
data source table using Dataset API0.71 secPassed
data source table with user specified schema0.28 secPassed
hive bucketing is supported0.28 secPassed
hive partitioned view is not supported0.2 secPassed
hive table with STORED AS clause0.24 secPassed
hive table with explicit storage info0.24 secPassed
hive table with serde info0.25 secPassed
hive view0.12 secPassed
hive view with output columns0.11 secPassed
partitioned bucketed data source table0.5 secPassed
partitioned data source table0.54 secPassed
partitioned hive table0.24 secPassed
simple external hive table0.13 secPassed
simple hive table0.25 secPassed