Test Result : ScalaReflectionSuite

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20 tests
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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK 16792: Get correct deserializer for List[_]5 msPassed
SPARK-15062: Get correct serializer for List[_]3 msPassed
SPARK-22442: Generate correct field names for special characters13 msPassed
SPARK-22472: add null check for top-level primitive values4 msPassed
SPARK-23025: schemaFor should support Null type7 msPassed
SPARK-23835: add null check to non-nullable types in Tuples12 msPassed
SQLUserDefinedType annotation on Scala structure3 msPassed
complex data16 msPassed
convert Option[Product] to catalyst8 msPassed
convert PrimitiveData to catalyst3 msPassed
generic data4 msPassed
infer schema from case class with multiple constructors5 msPassed
isSubtype7 msPassed
nullable data8 msPassed
optional data27 msPassed
primitive data4 msPassed
serialize and deserialize arbitrary map types49 msPassed
serialize and deserialize arbitrary sequence types17 msPassed
tuple data2 msPassed
type-aliased data3 msPassed