Test Result : ParquetFilterSuite

0 failures (±0)
32 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 3 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Ensure that filter value matched the parquet file schema2 msPassed
Filter applied on merged Parquet schema with new column should work1.8 secPassed
Filters should be pushed down for Parquet readers at row group level0.24 secPassed
Filters should be pushed down for vectorized Parquet reader at row group level0.41 secPassed
SPARK-10829: Filter combine partition key and attribute doesn't work in DataSource scan0.25 secPassed
SPARK-11661 Still pushdown filters returned by unhandledFilters0.25 secPassed
SPARK-12218 Converting conjunctions into Parquet filter predicates2 msPassed
SPARK-12218: 'Not' is included in Parquet filter pushdown0.39 secPassed
SPARK-12231: test the filter and empty project in partitioned DataSource scan0.46 secPassed
SPARK-12231: test the new projection in partitioned DataSource scan0.54 secPassed
SPARK-16371 Do not push down filters when inner name and outer name are the same0.32 secPassed
SPARK-17091: Convert IN predicate to Parquet filter push-down1.4 secPassed
SPARK-17213: Broken Parquet filter push-down for string columns1.2 secPassed
SPARK-20364: Disable Parquet predicate pushdown for fields having dots in the names0.46 secPassed
SPARK-23852: Broken Parquet push-down for partially-written stats0.11 secPassed
SPARK-25207: Case-insensitive field resolution for pushdown when reading parquet3 msPassed
SPARK-25207: exception when duplicate fields in case-insensitive mode0.32 secPassed
SPARK-30826: case insensitivity of StringStartsWith attribute0.2 secPassed
SPARK-6554: don't push down predicates which reference partition columns0.34 secPassed
filter pushdown - StringStartsWith4.2 secPassed
filter pushdown - binary2.3 secPassed
filter pushdown - boolean2 secPassed
filter pushdown - date2.8 secPassed
filter pushdown - decimal16 secPassed
filter pushdown - double2.7 secPassed
filter pushdown - float3.1 secPassed
filter pushdown - integer3 secPassed
filter pushdown - long2.9 secPassed
filter pushdown - smallint3.3 secPassed
filter pushdown - string2.9 secPassed
filter pushdown - timestamp5.2 secPassed
filter pushdown - tinyint3.5 secPassed