1. Couple of small, non-code fixes to the phone project (commit: fc87c51836facb9dd603b58ba59cb6b8c118dd29) (details)
  2. Check in support for the client side cache (commit: 0e08ebe8d8d8a00d1361ded95815c7369b312842) (details)
  3. Rename connect_sample back to connect.sample (commit: be9ceed1db9f9e929cd73566b05ba9a41476fb44) (details)
Commit fc87c51836facb9dd603b58ba59cb6b8c118dd29 by shankari
Couple of small, non-code fixes to the phone project

- The changes are primarily:
    - Renaming the sample file so that it doesn't show up as a source of confusion
    - Adding in the open source license for the new library introduced by Neeraj
    - Updating READMEs to reflect all the changes
(commit: fc87c51836facb9dd603b58ba59cb6b8c118dd29)
The file was modifiediOS/ (diff)
The file was modifiediOS/OpenSourceLicenses.txt (diff)
The file was removedandroid/app/src/main/res/values/connect.sample
The file was modifiedandroid/ (diff)
The file was addedandroid/app/src/main/res/values_connect_sample
Commit 0e08ebe8d8d8a00d1361ded95815c7369b312842 by shankari
Check in support for the client side cache

Actually, it is unclear whether we even need a client side cache since it looks
like switching to HTTP GET implements server side caching anyway. While testing
this, I discovered that turning off the client side cache, or commenting it out
from the Application class still does not pull javascript files when they are

At this point, it is in fact very hard to invalidate the cache - the primary
way that I found is to add a version to the javascript SCRIPT tags that forces
a refresh of the file whose version changed.

A client side cache will also avoid validation requests, which we don't
actually track with our current end to end setup, so let's just include it anyway.

Note also that the background fetch part of the code works even less because it
doesn't actually parse the HTML to fetch the javascript, and attempts to load
the information in a webview doesn't work.
(commit: 0e08ebe8d8d8a00d1361ded95815c7369b312842)
The file was addedandroid/app/src/main/java/edu/berkeley/eecs/e_mission/
The file was modifiedandroid/app/src/main/java/edu/berkeley/eecs/e_mission/data_sync/ (diff)
The file was addedandroid/app/app.iml
The file was modifiedandroid/app/src/main/java/edu/berkeley/eecs/e_mission/ (diff)
The file was modifiedandroid/android.iml (diff)
Commit be9ceed1db9f9e929cd73566b05ba9a41476fb44 by shankari
Rename connect_sample back to connect.sample

Otherwise, code that tries to load connection parameters fails
(commit: be9ceed1db9f9e929cd73566b05ba9a41476fb44)
The file was removedandroid/app/src/main/res/values_connect_sample
The file was modifiedandroid/ (diff)
The file was addedandroid/app/src/main/res/values/connect.xml.sample