1. Remove some more obsolete code (commit: ef4bcfcd191ebc00279ef1107fd4278916d4eb7c) (details)
Commit ef4bcfcd191ebc00279ef1107fd4278916d4eb7c by shankari
Remove some more obsolete code
Follow-on to and
- Remove some more references to moves
- Remove references to giles
(commit: ef4bcfcd191ebc00279ef1107fd4278916d4eb7c)
The file was modifiedconf/net/keys.json.sample (diff)
The file was removedconf/net/ext_service/moves.json.sample
The file was removedemission/incomplete_tests/
The file was modifiedsetup/ (diff)
The file was removedbin/deploy/
The file was removedconf/net/int_service/giles_conf.json.sample