1. Ensure no logging as part of a standard import (commit: 48face01f3ae006aa7207afb4936c695ed0e30b8) (details)
Commit 48face01f3ae006aa7207afb4936c695ed0e30b8 by shankari
Ensure no logging as part of a standard import
Ensure that the database code does not do any logging during module
load.  This is because it is frequently imported by other scripts, and
those imports run before any configuration (in `__main__`) for example
is executed. This means that the logging is configured to the default
values, which, given the first log message, is WARNING.
This change replaces the log with print. BEFORE: logs only WARNINGS
AFTER: logs everything
+ bonus fix: mark the `-s` parameter as `type=int`. Otherwise it remains
a string and the batching fails later.
(commit: 48face01f3ae006aa7207afb4936c695ed0e30b8)
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