1. Turn off the config copying to the usercache (commit: c17f1a0fe9188462bde3fdd4866f78f99c8d998f) (details)
Commit c17f1a0fe9188462bde3fdd4866f78f99c8d998f by shankari
Turn off the config copying to the usercache
The code to copy the config to the usercache was intended to make it
easier to change configurations from the server in order to potentially
tweak the data collection based on data collected so far, or to set up
structured experiments on the server.
But the code has been plagued with errors, notably deleting the consent
after install during the pilot last Fall, which led to the workaround(s)
A quick look at the configs in the current usercache shows that there is
a problem.
There are 561 entries in the usercache for the sensor_config.
``` In [862]: edb.get_usercache_db().find({"metadata.key":
"config/sensor_config"}).count() Out[862]: 561
But from only 83 users. So there must be:
- multiple entries for each user
- some missing entries, since we have closer to 500 overall users.
``` In [868]: unique_sensor_config =
In [869]: len(unique_sensor_config) Out[869]: 83
In [872]: edb.get_uuid_db().find().count() Out[872]: 515
And indeed, we have 26 sensor configs for the first user.
``` In [871]: edb.get_usercache_db().find({"metadata.key":
"config/sensor_config", "user_id": unique_sensor_config[0]}).count()
Out[871]: 26
This is even more true for consent.
``` In [865]: edb.get_usercache_db().find({"metadata.key":
"config/consent"}).count() Out[865]: 901
In [875]: unique_consent = edb.get_usercache_db().find({"metadata.key":
In [876]: len(unique_consent) Out[876]: 252
And we have not yet used the feature to modify the configuration on the
server, and it is unclear that we ever will. Let's turn this code off
for now and potentially remove it forever in a bit.
(commit: c17f1a0fe9188462bde3fdd4866f78f99c8d998f)
The file was modifiedemission/net/usercache/ (diff)