1. Support separate host and intermediate cert files (commit: 0a783d351d7e9209949695a09655bed286388ea1) (details)
  2. Fix keys file json format (commit: 7ecc8622339f460fc5b6294a981bbc35a7a7b031) (details)
Commit 0a783d351d7e9209949695a09655bed286388ea1 by shankari
Support separate host and intermediate cert files
The previous version of cherrypy supported a single cert file, so we
would need to concatenate the host cert with the intermediate cert(s)
and root cert to generate a valid cert chain.
Apparently, the new versions support specifying host and chain certs
separately, so no concatenation necessary. The change would have saved
some users hours of setup time :)
Tested by hardcoding the cert file paths on the server. Seems to work
(commit: 0a783d351d7e9209949695a09655bed286388ea1)
The file was modifiedemission/net/api/ (diff)
The file was modifiedconf/net/keys.json.sample (diff)
Commit 7ecc8622339f460fc5b6294a981bbc35a7a7b031 by shankari
Fix keys file json format
By removing trailing comma
(commit: 7ecc8622339f460fc5b6294a981bbc35a7a7b031)
The file was modifiedconf/net/keys.json.sample (diff)