1. New docker setup for emission-server (#618) (commit: e76681bdf4075fac552f57d6f23ed977abd3433a) (details)
Commit e76681bdf4075fac552f57d6f23ed977abd3433a by shankari
New docker setup for emission-server (#618)
* Resolve conflict in

* Resolve conflict in Dockerfile

* Add composefile

* Update docker and Dockerfile

* Update README

* Moved everything into Dockerfile and deleted Dockerfile-base

* Add Maintainer

* Mount volume to store db data by default

* Pull from emssion-server repo and install Vim
(commit: e76681bdf4075fac552f57d6f23ed977abd3433a)
The file was modifieddocker/ (diff)
The file was addeddocker/docker-compose.yml
The file was modifieddocker/Dockerfile (diff)
The file was modifieddocker/ (diff)