Test Result : YarnAllocatorSuite

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18 tests (±0)
Took 0.66 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-26269: YarnAllocator should have same excludeOnFailure behaviour with YARN96 msPassed
SPARK-28577#YarnAllocator.resource.memory should include offHeapSize when offHeapEnabled is true.39 msPassed
container should not be created if requested number if met43 msPassed
custom resource requested from yarn0 msSkipped
custom spark resource mapped to yarn resource configs0 msSkipped
decrease total requested executors47 msPassed
decrease total requested executors to less than currently running43 msPassed
excluded nodes reflected in amClient requests41 msPassed
kill executors48 msPassed
kill same executor multiple times45 msPassed
lost executor removed from backend45 msPassed
multiple containers allocated with ResourceProfiles0 msSkipped
process same completed container multiple times45 msPassed
receive more containers than requested43 msPassed
single container allocated43 msPassed
single container allocated with ResourceProfile0 msSkipped
some containers allocated42 msPassed
window based failure executor counting43 msPassed