Test Result : KafkaTokenUtilSuite

0 failures
19 tests
Took 0.25 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
checkProxyUser with proxy current user should throw exception87 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with SASL_PLAINTEXT protocol should not include keystore and truststore config6 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with SASL_SSL protocol should include truststore config3 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with SSL protocol should include keystore and truststore config3 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with global config should not set dynamic jaas config2 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with keytab should set keytab dynamic jaas config7 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties with specified params should include it1 msPassed
createAdminClientProperties without keytab should set ticket cache dynamic jaas config1 msPassed
findMatchingTokenClusterConfig with multiple matching tokens should throw exception19 msPassed
findMatchingTokenClusterConfig with non-matching tokens should return None21 msPassed
findMatchingTokenClusterConfig with one matching token should return token and cluster configuration33 msPassed
findMatchingTokenClusterConfig without token should return None19 msPassed
getTokenJaasParams with token should return scram module16 msPassed
isGlobalJaasConfigurationProvided with global config should return false2 msPassed
isGlobalJaasConfigurationProvided without global config should return false1 msPassed
needTokenUpdate with different token should return true17 msPassed
needTokenUpdate with same token should return false17 msPassed
needTokenUpdate without cluster config should return false2 msPassed
needTokenUpdate without jaas config should return false2 msPassed