Test Result : CountVectorizerSuite

0 failures
14 tests
Took 5.3 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
CountVectorizer common cases0.38 secPassed
CountVectorizer maxDF0.18 secPassed
CountVectorizer read/write0.29 secPassed
CountVectorizer using both minDF and maxDF0.22 secPassed
CountVectorizer vocabSize and minDF0.75 secPassed
CountVectorizerModel and CountVectorizer with binary0.68 secPassed
CountVectorizerModel common cases0.33 secPassed
CountVectorizerModel read/write0.64 secPassed
CountVectorizerModel with minTF count0.33 secPassed
CountVectorizerModel with minTF freq0.42 secPassed
SPARK-22974: CountVectorModel should attach proper attribute to output column35 msPassed
SPARK-32662: Remove requirement for minimum vocabulary size1 secPassed
SPARK-32662: Test on empty dataset47 msPassed
params5 msPassed