Test Result : ALSSuite

0 failures
30 tests
Took 1 min 48 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
ALS cold start user/item prediction strategy3.5 secPassed
ALS should not introduce unnecessary shuffle0.76 secPassed
CheckedCast0.48 secPassed
CholeskySolver10 msPassed
LocalIndexEncoder3 msPassed
RatingBlockBuilder3 msPassed
SPARK-18268: ALS with empty RDD should fail with better message17 msPassed
UncompressedInBlock9 msPassed
als partitioner is a projection3 msPassed
als with large number of iterations7.3 secPassed
approximate rank-1 matrix4.5 secPassed
approximate rank-2 matrix3 secPassed
case insensitive cold start param value8.6 secPassed
different block settings5.8 secPassed
exact rank-1 matrix4.4 secPassed
implicit feedback2.1 secPassed
implicit feedback regression3.9 secPassed
input type validation42 secPassed
more blocks than ratings1.9 secPassed
nonnegative constraint1.2 secPassed
normal equation construction4 msPassed
partitioner in returned factors0.76 secPassed
read/write1.5 secPassed
recommendForAllItems with k <, = and > num_users1.9 secPassed
recommendForAllUsers with k <, = and > num_items2.7 secPassed
recommendForItemSubset with k <, = and > num_users2.1 secPassed
recommendForUserSubset with k <, = and > num_items2.4 secPassed
subset recommendations eliminate duplicate ids, returns same results as unique ids2.1 secPassed
subset recommendations on full input dataset equivalent to recommendForAll2 secPassed
using generic ID types2.3 secPassed