Test Result : RandomForestSuite

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21 tests
Took 3.3 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Avoid aggregation if impurity is 0.059 msPassed
Avoid aggregation on the last level61 msPassed
Binary classification with 3-ary (ordered) categorical features, with no samples for one category: split calculation19 msPassed
Binary classification with binary (ordered) categorical features: split calculation18 msPassed
Binary classification with continuous features and node Id cache: subsampling features0.84 secPassed
Binary classification with continuous features: split calculation55 msPassed
Binary classification with continuous features: subsampling features0.87 secPassed
Multiclass classification with ordered categorical features: split calculations27 msPassed
Multiclass classification with unordered categorical features: split calculations19 msPassed
SPARK-3159 tree model redundancy - classification0.2 secPassed
SPARK-3159 tree model redundancy - regression0.2 secPassed
Second level node building with vs. without groups0.24 secPassed
Use soft prediction for binary classification with ordered categorical features42 msPassed
computeFeatureImportance, featureImportances2 msPassed
extract categories from a number for multiclass classification0 msPassed
find splits for a continuous feature47 msPassed
minWeightFraction and minInstancesPerNode0.26 secPassed
normalizeMapValues0 msPassed
train with constant features0.12 secPassed
train with empty arrays13 msPassed
weights at arbitrary scale0.26 secPassed