Test Result : MatricesSuite

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30 tests (±0)
Took 0.29 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
MatrixUDT2 msPassed
Test FromBreeze when Breeze.CSCMatrix.rowIndices has trailing zeros. - SPARK-206874 msPassed
conversions between new local linalg and mllib linalg2 msPassed
dense matrix construction0 msPassed
dense matrix construction with wrong dimension1 msPassed
diag1 msPassed
equals7 msPassed
eye1 msPassed
foreachActive1 msPassed
fromBreeze with sparse matrix1 msPassed
horzcat, vertcat, eye, speye13 msPassed
implicit conversions between new local linalg and mllib linalg1 msPassed
index in matrices incorrect input4 msPassed
kryo class register0.14 secPassed
map, update2 msPassed
matrix copies are deep copies1 msPassed
matrix indexing and updating1 msPassed
numNonzeros and numActives1 msPassed
ones2 msPassed
rand42 msPassed
randn1 msPassed
row/col iterator4 msPassed
sparse matrix construction40 msPassed
sparse matrix construction with wrong number of elements1 msPassed
sprand5 msPassed
sprandn2 msPassed
toSparse, toDense1 msPassed
toString7 msPassed
transpose1 msPassed
zeros0 msPassed