Test Result : RemoveRedundantProjectsSuiteAE

0 failures
14 tests
Took 5.9 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-33697: UnionExec should require column ordering0.96 secPassed
SPARK-33697: remove redundant projects under expand0.79 secPassed
aggregate with ordering requirement0.33 secPassed
aggregate without ordering requirement0.43 secPassed
generate should require column ordering0.17 secPassed
join with ordering requirement0.49 secPassed
join without ordering requirement0.31 secPassed
project0.29 secPassed
project with extra columns0.27 secPassed
project with fewer columns0.24 secPassed
project with filter0.33 secPassed
project with specific column ordering0.22 secPassed
subquery0.49 secPassed
window function0.54 secPassed