Test Result : FiltersSuite

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19 tests
Took 42 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
NOT: date filter0 msPassed
NOT: int and string filters0 msPassed
SPARK-19912 String literals should be escaped for Hive metastore partition pruning0 msPassed
SPARK-24879 IN predicates with only NULLs will not cause a NPE1 msPassed
SPARK-24879 null literals should be ignored for IN constructs0 msPassed
SPARK-33416: Avoid Hive metastore stack overflow when InSet predicate have many values7 msPassed
date and string filter0 msPassed
date filter0 msPassed
date filter with IN predicate7 msPassed
date filter with null1 msPassed
int and string filter1 msPassed
int filter0 msPassed
int filter backwards0 msPassed
skip varchar0 msPassed
string filter12 msPassed
string filter backwards1 msPassed
string filter with InSet predicate6 msPassed
typecast null literals should not be pushed down in simple predicates0 msPassed