New job opportunity for a Solutions Architect


The AMPLab participates in the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) XDATA Program which supports the development of open-source systems for processing, analyzing and visualizing large, imperfect and incomplete data. Many of the XDATA teams rely on the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) as the foundation of their XDATA applications.

The AMPLab is looking for a Solutions Architect to work side-by-side with DARPA teams in application design and deployment on DARPA infrastructure. This is a great opportunity to work with a diverse group of researchers and software engineers in government, academia and industry to solve important real-world problems using open-source software.

The AMPLab has a culture of “causal intensity” which will be familiar to anyone from a tech startup. We work hard and play hard — flexible work hours, work from home days, team lunches and retreats twice a year in Tahoe and Santa Cruz. Retreats are attended by our sponsors who give us feedback on the tough data problems they’d like us to solve. This close connection to government and industry have allowed us to create systems, like SparkTachyonSharkGraphXMLBase, with outstanding performance and features. All BDAS components are released under Apache, BSD or similar open-source licenses.

The AMPLab also collaborates with other Data Science teams across the Berkeley campus comprised of experts for a broad range of specialties including computer science, statistics, data visualization and social sciences. The Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) is a new initiative focused on developing innovative partnerships to advance technologies that support advanced data management and data analytic techniques.

This position requires occasional travel to Washington D.C. for the DARPA XDATA summer workshops. These workshops bring together teams from across the U.S. to build end-to-end solutions to specific data challenges. The AMPLab will, of course, cover all travel expenses. These onsite visits are an important part of creating systems that integrate together well. DARPA also brings in guest speakers from other agencies, such as the Pentagon, DEA and others, to talk about the data challenges they face.

To apply, visit the UC, Berkeley Jobs website and keyword search for 17573, the Job ID for this position.