ACM SIGMOD “Test of Time Award” for Acquisitional Query Processing

Sam Madden (former AMPLab visitor), Michael Franklin (AMPLab Director), Joseph Hellerstein, and Wei Hong have been chosen to receive the 2013 ACM SIGMOD “Test of Time” Award for their paper “The Design of an Acquisitional Query Processor for Sensor Networks”.   

The Test of time award is given to the paper from the conference 10 years earlier that is deemed to have had the most impact since it appeared. The award will be presented at the ACM SIGMOD Conference in New York City on June 26th.

SIGMOD is a leading international conference for database systems and data management research.

The award committee’s announcement states:

“This paper from the SIGMOD 2003 Conference presents a novel technique for acquisitional query processing (ACQP) in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and its design and implementation in the TinyDB system. TinyDB runs on top of TinyOS, which has been developed by the University of California, Berkeley and now is one of the most popular embedded operating systems for WSNs. ACQP was a pioneering framework, which first addressed the issue of “When should samples for a particular query be taken?” and it has other significant features for data collection in WSNs such as low power consumption and low computational overhead, as evidenced by the huge number of citations and downloads. This paper has been highly influential in subsequent research on data collection and query processing frameworks in WSNs. Moreover, through its wide availability as TinyOS components (which are easily installed onto motes), it has been embedded in various commercial products and real sensor systems. In summary, this paper has had strong impact on both academic research and industry.”