CrowdDB wins VLDB 2011 Best Demo Award

The CrowdDB prototype was presented at 3 sessions during the VLDB 2011 Conference in Seattle, WA,  8/29-9/1/11.   The demo showed the CrowdDB system running live queries over both Amazon Mechanical Turk and a mobile crowdsourcing application built in the AMPLab.

The VLDB demo track received 89 submissions from around the world this year, and 28 were invited to present.   CrowdDB was chosen as the best of these.   Demonstration sessions are often where some of the most innovative work in the conference is shown and this is the first year that VLDB has given an award for best demo.  The award was presented during the conference award ceremony where  Amber Feng, Andrew Wang and Reynold Xin got to present a 5 minute version of the demo to the entire conference.   Michael Franklin, Donald Kossmann, Tim Kraska, Sam Madden, and Sukriti Ramesh also contributed to the demo.

The CrowdDB system is a collaboration between the AMPLab at Berkeley and the Systems group at ETH Zurich.  More information on the demo can be found here.