[AMPLab Seminar] Martin Körling, Ericsson, “cloud infrastructure for high-data-volume and low-latency applications”, Th 11/3, Noon, The Woz

11/3/16 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

AMPLab Special Seminar

When: Thursday, Nov. 3, 12:00 PM

Where: Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall

Presenter bio: Martin Körling is doing technology strategy for Ericsson’s Cloud Product Area, based on Stockholm. He was recently based in Silicon Valley leading Ericsson’s cloud software development and before that Ericsson Research Silicon Valley

Abstract: There is an opportunity to start using cloud infrastructure for high-data-volume and low-latency applications, typically in industrial, big data, and IoT scenarios. Deploying cloud resources in decentralized locations and allowing for software-definition of disaggregated hardware open up new possibilities. To understand the benefits and bottlenecks, we need quantitative models of the infrastructure as well as the application behaviors. Machine learning and machine decision models can play an important role. We outline possible data models, early results and point to challenges for further study.

Limited number of 1:1 appointments can be booked here.

Lunch will served.