AMPLab postdoc Julian Shun wins the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award

Michael Mahoney

I am very pleased to announce that Julian Shun has been awarded the ACM’s doctoral dissertation award for his 2015 CMU doctoral thesis “Shared-Memory Parallelism Can Be Simple, Fast, and Scalable” which also won that year’s CMU SCS distinguished dissertation award.

Julian currently works with me as a postdoc both in the Department of Statistics and in the AMP Lab in the EECS Department and is supported by a Miller Fellowship. His research focuses on fundamental theoretical and practical questions at the interface between computer science and statistics for large-scale data analysis. He is particularly interested in all aspects of parallel computing, especially parallel graph processing frameworks, algorithms, data structures and tools for deterministic parallel programming; and he has developed Ligra, a lightweight graph processing framework for shared memory.

More details can be found in the  official ACM announcement.

Join me in congratulating Julian!