Intel Shanghai presents: AMPCamp China!

Shane Knapp

Our friends at Intel Shanghai are helping to spread the word about Spark!

AmpCamp@China 2015 will be held on May 23 2015 at Intel’s Zizhu Campus in Shanghai.

UC Berkeley AMPLab is not only a world leading research lab in big data and analytics, but have also produced BDAS (Berkeley Data Analytics Stack), an open source, next-generation data analytics stack that has wide adoption in both industry and research. Intel and AMPLab have long and close collaborations, especially on the open source development of many projects in BDAS (such as Spark, Shark, Tachyon, SparkR, GraphX, MLlib, etc.).

AMP CampChina LOGOv3This is the first time an AMP Camp will take place abroad! Between 2010 and 2014, Berkeley AMPLab successfully held five Amp Camp events in the States; the last event (AMPCamp 5) had over 200 people on-site and over 1800 views of the live stream from over 40 countries. This year, Intel Shanghai is collaborating with AMPLab to present this hugely successful event to the big data industry, developer community and academia in China.

The collaboration with UC Berkeley AMPLab is a part of Intel’s larger open source efforts in big data and analytics. For years, Intel has been playing a key role in many open source big data projects (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Tachyon, etc.), collaborating with the academia to apply advanced big data research to real-world problems, and partnering with the industry and community to build web-scale data analytics systems.

Come and join AmpCamp@China 2015 to hear about the cutting edge components of BDAS, meet the world-class big data engineers (including Apache project committers and PMC members) at Intel’s Zizhu Campus in Shanghai, and get a sneak peek of the latest research progress from AMP Lab researchers.

For more information, please visit the Intel Shanghai AMPCamp page.

The exercises and course work from AMPCamp 5 will be used at this event, and are found here.