Amazon Web Services Joins Founding Sponsors of AMPLab

Amazon Web Services has long been an important sponsor of Computer Science research at UC Berkeley and elsewhere.  In the AMPLab, our relationship with AWS goes back to the earlier Reliable and Distributed Computing (RAD) project as described in this video.  Now, in recognition of AMPLab’s position as a leading center of Big Data research (following on the heels of our NSF Expeditions Award),  AWS has opted to increase their involvement in the lab by upgrading their membership to the “Founding Sponsor” level.

This step up will enable our students and researchers to continue to develop, test, and explore cutting edge technology at realistic scale.    AMPLab’s recent award-winning demo of Shark and Spark running on a 100-node EC2 cluster at the 2012 SIGMOD Conference is just the first of what we expect to be many advances coming out of this enhanced relationship. The AMPLab thanks AWS for their continued support and we look forward to expanding our already fruitful collaboration.