AMP $10M NSF Expeditions Award announced at White House OSTP Event

“Advances in technology have made it possible to capture and store increasingly massive amounts of data. The challenge now is to design better systems for organizing, extracting, and analyzing the data.  The UC Berkeley team has both the breadth and the depth necessary to take on this challenge.”   — Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

“The NSF grant recognizes UC Berkeley’s leadership in the field of Big Data.  Throughout the campus, deep data analytics is at the heart of science and engineering, from political science to astronomy to energy efficiency and climate.”  — David Culler, Chair CS Dept. UC Berkeley

March 29, 2012

At an event in Washington DC organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy,  NSF Director Subra Suresh announced the awarding of a $10M, 5 Year NSF Expeditions grant to the AMP project.   This highly-competitive award will augment our already strong industrial support, allowing us to expand the scope of our work and providing resources that will enable us to develop a comprehensive open source Big Data analytics stack.

More information on this award is available from the UC Berkeley press release:

The larger context of the NSF and OSTP “Big Data” initiatives is described in the following press releases from those organizations:

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