CMSWire: “Why Does Apache Spark Matter?”

There’s been an uptick of articles about Spark in the past few days, driven by this week’s Spark Summit East in NYC. One that caught my attention was in the trade publication CMSWire, and starts with the statement:

Apache Spark is arguably the hottest big data technology of the year — or maybe ever.

While I’m not exactly sure what to make of that, the article then goes on to interview a number of Spark adopters from companies such as Hortonworks, MapR, Platfora, Aerospike, ZoomData and MemSQL, who opine on what appeals to them most about Spark and the Spark ecosystem.   Most of these have to do with the “One Size Fits Many” philosophy of the platform; that is, the integration of analytics, streaming, ML, graphs, etc into a unified framework.

The article is at: