Prof. Michael Jordan Wins 2015 Rumelhart Prize

AMPLab Co-DIrector Michael Jordan is the 2015 recipient of the David E. Rumelhart Prize, a prestigious honor reserved for those who have made fundamental contributions to the theoretical foundations of human cognition.

The prize, which comes with a $100,000 award, was announced Friday, July 25, at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in Quebec City, Canada.

The UC Berkeley press release on the award has this nice quote:

“Michael Jordan was one of the first people to recognize the deep connection between statistics and learning,” said Tom Griffiths, associate professor of psychology and director of the Computational Cognitive Science Lab and the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at UC Berkeley. “He has used that connection to develop some of the most influential methods in machine learning research and the foundations of probabilistic models of human cognition.”

Congratulations to Mike on this well-deserved award.