Trushkowsky, Kraska, Franklin and Sarkar Win Best Paper Award at ICDE 2013

The paper “Crowdsourcing Enumeration Queries” by Beth Trushkowsky, Tim Kraska, Michael Franklin, and Purna Sarkar has been selected as the Best Paper of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2013).    This paper is the first to explore the implications of the loss of the “closed world assumption” in crowd-enabled database systems.  It identifies worker behaviors that cause traditional query cardinality estimation techniques to fail, and develops statistical techniques to detect such behaviors and correct for them in real-time.   It also explores alternative “pay-as-you-go” semantics for such environments.

The award was presented today at the conference in Brisbane, Australia, and was graciously accepted by Beth Trushkowsky, who also presented the talk for the paper.  Congratulations Beth!